About ProYou.

Our team will always be there for You…it’s in our name!

ProYou is simply For You

pro [ proh ]

preposition Latin.

1 for

2 forward

3 forward movement


1 professional

noun, plural pros.

2 a professional

3 the pros, the professional athletic leagues

Pro – from Latin where it has the meaning for, forward, or forward movement. This includes:

  • Professionalism
  • Profitability
  • Proactivity
  • Productivity
  • Process

You – Our clients, team members and ProYou Professional Partners. The term “Our People” is very important to us so why not cement You in the centre of our business culture.

Meet the team.

ProYou was formed by a team of like-minded individuals on the realisation that as a group we could do things better.

Our people’s goals, accomplishments, and general peace of mind in all matters financial are paramount in everything we do. We have long-standing clients across a multitude of industries and are a member of LEA Global, providing us with access to partners who can assist with any international opportunity they have.

Our expertise comes from the outcomes we achieve for our clients.


We are experts in…

  • General peace of mind and reassurance that affairs are in order

  • Tax minimisation and specialised tax structuring
  • Growing Revenue
  • Productivity gains
  • Maximising Profit
  • Increasing Free Cashflows
  • Bank balance accounting
  • Asset Protection and Business Structuring
  • Growing financial wealth
  • Lifestyle Improvement
  • Succession Planning
  • Early financial retirement strategies
  • Business purchases and sales
  • Complex demergers
  • Community involvement and legacy creation
  • Cost Saving strategies

At ProYou it is important to us to know what You value. Our systems and policies are structured to ensure value for money. Whether your value comes from the peace of mind that all business matters are under control, your goals are being accomplished or a bespoke specialised piece of advice you can be assured it will be delivered in a timely, structured, and understandable manner. Our fees will be discussed and agreed up front so there are no surprises. Our team will work with you to ensure our services add value to your business far exceeding the cost.

Our team will always be there for You…it is in our name!  We have invested heavily in our systems and processes to ensure your accessibility to our team is maximised. We are Proactive in our approach to your needs as we understand being on the front foot when it comes to advising our clients always produces the best results.

To have trust in others and to be trusted is a prerequisite at ProYou.

We have a refreshing attitude, we are down to earth, we are unassuming, we are good family people, we are inclusive, we are innovators, we are competitive, we have long standing clients, we are committed, we celebrate success together and we are simply…very helpful.

ProYou Business Advisory.

David Cox

David Cox

Managing Director & Co-founder

Ross Jones

Ross Jones

Business Services Director & Co-founder

Matt Free

Matthew Free

Business Services Director & Co-founder

Alan Quinlan

Alan Quinlan

General Manager & Co-founder

Jonathan Buckly

Troy Reason

Network Partner

Jonathan Buckly

Jonathan Buckley

Trusted Advisor

Pancho Manansala

Pancho Manansala

Trusted Advisor

Vince Aiello

Vincent Aiello

Trusted Advisor

Matthew Masetto

Matthew Masetto

Trusted Advisor

Jake Rose

Jake Rose

Trusted Advisor

Erlina Tjin

Erlina Tjin

Trusted Advisor

Sue Micallef

Sue Micallef

Trusted Advisor

Greg Caldwell

Greg Caldwell

Trusted Advisor

Annie Alberga

Annie Alberga

Operations Team Leader

Krianne Doherty

Krianne Doherty

Trusted Advisor


David Cox.

Managing Director & Co-founder

David is the Managing Director and Co-founder of ProYou Business Advisory and the ProYou Network. He is a Chartered Accountant and holds a degree in Business Management and has a Master of Professional Accounting.

David is a previous Managing Director of a mid- tier accounting firm and in that capacity represented this firm on the international stage. Through David’s leadership he was able to implement initiatives that allowed the business to move to be a modern, full- service business advisory firm.

David Cox

David’s ability to pull together a team, articulate priorities and basically “get things done well” saw exponential growth in revenue, cash flow and stakeholder engagement. Whilst being the Managing Director, David also maintained and serviced a large and diverse group of clients that encompassed many industries.

David’s unrelenting nature and passion towards achieving prosperity for his clients saw some amazing results which has enabled him to garner long standing relationships with his entire client base.

He has extensive experience in business advisory and has been highly involved in complex negotiations and complex transactions.

David was previously an Auditor with the Australian Taxation Office and therefore has a working knowledge of government departments systems, procedures and thought processes. This knowledge has been invaluable in achieving outstanding results for his clients when dealing with the tax office.

David brings his extensive experience to ProYou and was instrumental in setting the principles and guidelines that all ProYou directors, team members and ProYou Partners live by.

Outside of his ProYou world David lives with his lovely wife Cath and two beautiful young children Lucy & Drew. David enjoys all sports but is fanatical about his Parramatta Eels and New Orleans Saints.

David looks forward to partnering with you and your business.

Ross Jones.

Business Services Director & Co-founder

Ross is a Business Services Director and Co-founder of ProYou Business Advisory and the ProYou Network. Over his 40 years in Public Practice Ross has acquired many accolades including being a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, a registered company auditor, registered tax agent and is a Justice of the Peace. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business majoring in Accounting.

Ross was instrumental in growing a small suburban accounting practice into a top 20 mid-tier accounting business after being introduced as a partner to that firm in 1996.

Ross Jones

Ross is the backbone of ProYou. His dedication to his clients and his team provides the high-water level in client service and team member growth. If Ross is not at the forefront of providing expert taxation and business advice to his clients, he is mentoring and guiding the younger generation of ProYou business advisors in all strategic business matters.

Ross specialises in the Farming & Agriculture, Aged care, Medical specialist, and Business consultancy industries. Whether your business is a start- up, a small business or a large entity across any industry Ross has developed systems and controls to ensure his client’s businesses are both compliant and ready for the future. As a registered company auditor, he also has the ability to identify and prevent frauds, ensure legal compliance, minimise risk and validate accounting systems and controls.

Ross also has years of experience in strategic business planning & works closely with mortgage brokers & financial planners to give his clients the full package of services.

Outside of his working life Ross is very much a family man being married to his beautiful wife Cheryl for over 34 years & being the father of three beautiful daughters Alana, Caitlin & Emma. He is interested in all sports with particular interest in following the mighty Sydney Roosters in rugby league, all forms of cricket & loves playing & watching golf.

Ross looks forward to partnering with you and your business.

Matthew Free.

Business Services Director & Co-founder

Matt is the Business Services Director and Co- founder of ProYou Business Advisory. He has been a Chartered accountant for over 20 years, holds a Bachelor of Business and is a registered tax agent.

He started his career in public practice in 1986 with Nexia Court and Co in Sydney and progressed to partnership of one of the top 20 accounting firms in Australia. He is a specialist in small business taxation, business development and business structuring.

Matt Free

Besides his academic and business credentials Matt’s greatest ability is to connect with people on a personal level. This has allowed him to provide specialised, bespoke advice for his clients that has not only provided them peace of mind but has contributed to their success for over 30 years.

Loyalty is uppermost in Matts character. His focus on exceptional service in all taxation and business advisory matters to small family groups has grown to such an extent that he now advises to third generation family members.

“Exceptional service leads to enduring relationships. Once you really know someone you can ensure they are receiving the very best advice possible”

Matt has developed systems and processes that are effective across most industries however he has long standing clients in the following industries:

  • Building, Construction, Earthmoving and associated trades
  • Retail – postal services, health food retailers, cafes, newsagencies
  • Light Manufacturing – seal and pump manufacturers, graphic artists
  • Self-Managed Superannuation Funds
  • High Net Worth Individuals – taxation planning and referrals for investment advice and management

Matts world is not all work, he has been happily married to Penny for over 25 years and has three lovely daughters Georgia, Julia, and Charlotte. He is a sports nut and will happily watch any sport whether live, at the venue or on TV. He supports the Cronulla Sharks and the GWS Giants during the winter. He grew up playing AFL, cricket, golf and in the local surf club at Cronulla in the summer. He still enjoys all these sports however he has developed a deep understanding of ins and outs of netball through spending most weekends watching his talented daughters excel in the sport.

Matt looks forward to partnering with you and your business.

Alan Quinlan.

General Manager & Co-founder

Alan is the General Manager and Co-founder of ProYou Business Advisory. He has qualifications in Business (Accounting), Information Technology, Project Management and is an accredited PRINCE2 Practitioner.

Alan has worked in commercial industry, retail fashion (Gucci & Guess?) and for several accounting firms, including General Manager for a mid-tier accounting firm.

As part of Alan’s capacity in Information Technology he has driven key technological process enhancements that have significantly improved business efficiency and uplifted customer satisfaction.

Alan Quinlan

One example of this is implementing Xero cloud-based accounting software across a mid-tier accounting firm and to over 500 clients. This achieved Xero Platinum status within Top 2% nationally.

Alan identifies & resolves problems in a timely manner, mitigates risk and assures governance compliance to business. This includes formulation and execution of company goals and business plans.

Some of Alan’s most rewarding contributions to a variety of entities has been to turn around non-performing business units, identify & implement cost-saving measures and introduce innovative solutions to improve people and process efficiencies.

When not at work Alan enjoys growing Australian natives at his family home that he shares with his ever so patient wife Vicky and pet cat Trevor. Alan is fascinated by military history and has spent countless hours researching, watching documentaries, and visiting museums. Alan served several years in the Australian Army Reserve. He grew up playing cricket and rugby. He is an SCG member, an avid supporter of the Cronulla Sharks and Sydney Swans if he had to pick an AFL team.

Alan looks forward to partnering with you and your business.

Troy Reason.

Network Partner

Troy is the Commercial Strategy Director of ProYou Accountants and Co-founder of the ProYou Network. Troy is a Chartered Accountant and holds a degree in Business with a major in Accounting.

Troy has worked in a variety of Chartered Accounting firms, owned his own businesses, and consulted to a variety of other private clients. He worked extensively along side the business coach whilst working in a mid-tier accounting firm where he learned to take a holistic approach to business advisory services. This encompassed strategies for Revenue growth, Profit maximisation, Asset Protection, Wealth Management, Succession, Financial retirement, and transition.

Troy Reason

Troy specialises in a company’s overall strategic plan and implementing systems and procedures to make the company’s vision a reality. He has had great success working as an outsourced CFO and project manager. He was instrumental in implementing and monitoring strategic plans which saw two Australian companies in the digital entertainment industry grow into international companies working with partners such as Sony, Microsoft, Disney, and Netflix.

Troy has consulted to the warehousing and logistics industry, working with companies such as the Commonwealth Bank and owned a data warehousing and analytics business in the pharmaceutical industry.

Troy spends most of his time with his beautiful wife Sal and his tremendously talented (from his Mum’s side) performing artist son Jack. Whilst his Rugby League days are long over, he still enjoys watching the mighty St George Dragons not win a premiership. He maintains a relatively respectful Golf handicap in single figures but plays mainly for the comradeship with his mates. He also plays team soccer as a Goalkeeper but does not boast anywhere near the same level of success as his golf.

Troy looks forward to partnering with you and your business.

Pancho Manansala.

Trusted Advisor

Pancho embodies the ProYou principle of loyalty to ProYou team members and ProYou clients having spent his entire career of over 15 years in a mid-tier Chartered Accounting firm. He has progressed from the grass roots of the accounting industry to where he is now, using his experience in a leadership role mentoring the future stars of ProYou and a trusted advisor to his loyal and appreciative client base.

He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and holds a bachelor’s degree in business majoring in Accounting.


Pancho has been the beneficiary of ProYou’s “pay it forward” attitude having worked almost exclusively under the mentorship of ProYou’s senior advisor (who himself is a 40-year veteran of the same mid-tier accounting firm). He now enjoys passing on this knowledge to the next generation of business advisors at ProYou. Pancho understands that to have long term relationships with both clients and team members you need to take a keen interest in people and their individual needs and goals.

Pancho specialises in pinpointing opportunities for growth, increasing profits and wealth which are the basis for his holistic approach to business advisory. He is highly experienced in all general taxation matters and business advice working primarily with private clients and high net wealth groups in the SME market, achieving some remarkable results for his clients.

When not spending time in the office, you can find him enjoying long walks with his wife Francine, and his pet corgi Harry or in the gym training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Boxing. He is an avid sports fan and loves supporting Liverpool F.C, Parramatta Eels, and the Chicago Bulls (Jordan era).

Pancho looks forward to partnering with you and your business.

Jonathan Buckley.

Trusted Advisor

Jonathan is a Manager at ProYou Business Advisory. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business and Commerce, is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, is a Xero certified advisor in both Accounting and Payroll and has been entrusted as a Justice of the Peace in NSW.

Besides his academic achievements, Jonathan has amassed a vast array of technical and soft skills throughout his 10 years in Public Practice. He started his working life at Bell Partners in Sydney before moving to a large mid-tier accounting firm where he worked alongside ProYou’s current managing director for over 7 years.


During this time Jonathan recognised the value of building a strong internal team that has the client’s needs front and centre in all decision making.

Jonathan’s reliable and unrelenting nature, coupled with his focussed approach to self-development and training saw him take a leadership role in general tax compliance and business advisory, cloud accounting, and payroll service areas of the business. His compassion towards his clients and his team has allowed him to develop strong relationships and work effectively in numerous deceased estate matters, where people of Jonathan’s standing are most valued.

At ProYou we have a principle of “getting things done well” and Jonathan epitomises this principle. His general thirst for knowledge and corresponding ability to research solutions and utilise his networks allows him to provide bespoke pieces of advice for his clients. Jonathan’s greatest ability, however, is to simply make people happy.

Jonathan strongly believes in a healthy work-life balance. He likes to keep active by playing football and exercising. He is a season ticket holder of his beloved Sydney FC and finds enjoyment in music, especially a spot of Karaoke. Jonathan shares these interests with his wife Mel who is undoubtedly the better Karaoke singer.

Jonathan looks forward to partnering with you and your business.

Vincent Aiello.

Trusted Advisor

Vince is a Manager at ProYou Business Advisory. He is a Chartered Accountant with over 10 years’ experience and holds a degree in Business with a major in Accounting and sub-major in Information Technology.

Vince has spent his career working for mid-tier accounting firms. He prides himself on his ability to apply his expertise, insights, and practical experience across many industries. He has a proven track record of building strong relationships with his clients who highly value his professional advice and knowledge.


Vince’s skills cover many areas including general taxation and business compliance work for companies, trusts, partnerships, sole traders, and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds. He also provides help with strategic business planning, tax planning, and general business advice.

Priding himself in looking beyond the numbers, Vince uses his virtual CFO experience to take businesses to the next level. This includes cash flow management, budget setting, forecast modelling and outsourced bookkeeping management.

Vince specialises in superannuation and has significant experience in all areas of SMSFs, including administration and compliance, asset acquisition, tax-saving strategies, structural assistance, and estate planning.

Vince understands and is adaptable to the ever-changing business landscape. He is highly skilled at leveraging and integrating technological advancements and software into your business to drive efficiencies (CRM, Stock management to name but a few).

Outside of the office Vince loves spending time with his wife Belinda and his cheeky 2-year-old son Leon. Vince loves his football and is a massive AC Milan & Western Sydney Wanderers supporter.

Vince looks forward to partnering with you and your business.

Matthew Masetto.

Trusted Advisor

Matthew is one of the future stars of ProYou. He epitomises the ProYou principle that accountants should be more than just “numbers” people. He was instrumental in drafting the ProYou open book policy, which allows him to grow his business advisory skills and have direct input into the decision-making process at ProYou.

Matthew maintained steady employment in the hospitality and service industry whilst gaining a bachelor’s degree in Business with a double major in Management and Economics at the University of Technology Sydney. He is currently studying for his Chartered Accounting post graduate diploma.


In the last three years, under the mentorship of ProYou’s senior advisor in a mid-tier accounting firm, Matthew has developed solid skills in taxation advice including cost saving strategies, managing payroll and inventory systems, and general business advisory.

Beyond these skills, Matthew has developed a fervour for his client’s personal goals and how their business’ can help achieve those goals. With this passion, Matthew has taken a keen interest in developing a holistic approach to client advice.

Matthew helps his clients adapt to the continuous digital and technological disruption present in many industries today. Matthew has undertaken tailored training programs and had hands on experience with the latest software technology in the advisory industry. He is now accredited in cloud software and has used this knowledge to transform many client’s software packages to work for them, rather than the other way round. Matthew appreciates the peace of mind gained by a client, when they know their financial systems are under control, and are better able to focus on other, more important, aspects of their business and life in general.

Besides his exemplary professional conduct and work ethic Matthew has continually been involved in the local community, most notably through his participation in the local Oztag team week in week out, and yearly ANZAC Day memorial services. In 2015, Matthew was awarded Bankstown Council’s Young Citizen of the Year for his efforts.

When not at work Matthew is either keeping active in the gym or at the beach. Matthew has a strong admiration for European Football, and often rises early to watch his Liverpool F.C. get all three points. He is also an avid supporter of the Canterbury Bulldogs, and Western Sydney Wanderers.

Matthew looks forward to partnering with you and your business.

Jake Rose.

Trusted Advisor

At ProYou we have a “no laggards” policy. Jake insisted on it! Over the 5 years he has spent in the Chartered Accounting industry, Jake’s “first in the pool” policy and overall confidence and persistence in all things outside the box has been instrumental in achieving some previously unthinkable outcomes for his clients.

From humble beginnings working in his family’s hospitality business Jake learned the meaning of good old fashion customer service and the value of hard work.


He has gained a bachelor’s degree in Commerce majoring in professional accounting and is currently studying for his post graduate diploma in Chartered Accounting. Despite his young age he is also entrusted as a Justice of the Peace and is accredited in a number of cutting-edge cloud software accounting packages.

Jake has a very pragmatic approach to the needs of his client’s business. His ability to strip out non-essential processes and focus on the key leading indicator numbers helps his clients drive year-round key decisions and outcomes.

Jake spent 5 years in a mid-tier accounting firm being mentored by ProYou’s current Managing Director. Under this tutelage Jake recognised the need for leaders to have as little direct involvement in the compliance side of the business as possible which gives them more time to grow their business and the skills of their team. He excels in using this knowledge when designing programs as a function of the solution and advising clients in all things business growth.

Jake has been an instrumental team member in supporting clients in the SMSF area, hospitality, construction, retail, property development, not-for-profit and professional services industries.

Jakes enjoys a morning coffee equally with his running. He is an aspiring non-hacker golf player, watcher of every sport and active in CrossFit, running, and snorkelling. He also takes his no-nonsense approach to life with him on weekends to referee semi-professional soccer matches which sometimes proves to be his greatest challenge. He lives with his partner Allana and new kitten Millie.

Jake looks forward to partnering with you and your business.

Sue Micallef.

Trusted Advisor

Sue is a Senior Manager at ProYou Business Advisory and is a Chartered Accountant of over 35 years. She first started working in public practice in 1972 for several years before joining the Australian Taxation Office where she worked for another 5 years becoming a company assessor in 1980. Sue then returned to public practice when she joined John M Byron & co, later BYRONS Chartered Accountants.

Over the next 10 years she took on the dual roles of bringing up her 3 sons as well as being the financial controller for a software company.

Sue Micallef

Once the children were old enough Sue was welcomed back to BYRONS where her private business experience, combined with her tax office knowledge and public practice background saw her take a leadership role in the tax advisory section of the firm. Sue’s ability to engage with, and nurture accountants at all levels saw her entrusted with overseeing the entire tax training program on what was now a mid-tier accounting firm. Sue has mentored and supported a countless number of young accountants and operational team members over her 40-year career.

Sue has worked closely with clients in the property ownership, fast food chains, software development, medical practices, and child-care centres however her skills cross over a multitude of other industries where her advice is highly valued by her client base.

Sue has been married to Charlie for 44 years has 3 sons, 3 beautiful daughters in law, 2 grandsons and 2 granddaughters with more to come. Sue has gladly given up her time to the local community clubs over the years including junior soccer and junior rugby union. She is a lover of pets having always owned cats and dogs and is currently caring for a 9-year-old labrador, a very sleek cat and 2 noisy budgies.

Sue looks forward to partnering with you and your business.

Greg Caldwell.


Greg is a consultant at ProYou Business Advisory. He is a Chartered Accountant and holds a degree in Commerce from the University of NSW.

Greg is a previous Managing Partner of a large suburban accounting firm and continues to hold directorships in a number of International concerns.

During his close to 50 years of accounting experience, Greg has been recognised for excellence in superannuation, financial reporting, income tax, and corporate tax compliance by many clients and peers.

Greg Caldwell

Greg believes in providing personalised service, and often will visit clients face to face for meetings, working with them closely to overcome business hurdles, or even to present new opportunities for the client.

He has extensive experience in business advisory and has been involved in many complex transactions.

Now retired from full time work, Greg lives with his lovely wife Gayle and their two dogs Roxie and Charlie. Greg and Gayle have three children Alanna, Alex and Aaron. Greg now enjoys playing more Golf and life in the Shire.

Greg looks forward to partnering with you and your business.

Erlina Tjin.

Trusted Advisor

Erlina started her career as a part time Maths Tutor at Kumon Education Centre. Later spending time at Pennant Hills High School teaching all Primary to Year 9 levels.

Erlina began working full time at Byrons Chartered Accountants in 2000 while studying part time at Macquarie University for Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Professional Accounting. She specialises in Business Services which allows her to work hands on with a variety of clients particularly Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) from various industries.


CPA qualified, Erlina is part of the Assembly Church’s Finance team as well as Food Ministry team prior to having a third child. It was through those experiences that she was able to gain knowledge on various aspects of non-profit organisation and charity works.

Erlina enjoys spending family time together with husband, Eddy, and her children, Philip, Lilian and Ellena.

Annie Alberga.

Operations Team Leader

Annie is the Operations team leader at ProYou Business Advisory. She has worked in the financial services industry for over 30 years in administration and office manager roles. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with teams and ensuring internal efficiencies and constantly defining and refining company processes.

Annie is one of those rare breeds of people who always has a smile on her face, has a wicked sense of humour and always radiates positivity in both her work and private life whilst maintaining a ruthless efficiency when it comes to “getting things done well”. Annie’s support and guidance enables a culture of care for all ProYou’s internal and external stakeholders. She is the backbone of the operations department at ProYou and goes above and beyond to ensure ProYou’s back office runs as smoothly as possible.


At ProYou we have a “walk through walls” policy when it comes to our team, our ProYou partners and our clients, Annie was the catalyst and our example for embedding this principle in our culture.

Annie worked closely with ProYou’s current managing director for over 5 years in a large mid -tier accounting firm. During this time, the firm initiated a company wide change to systems and processes where Annie was instrumental in supporting, implementing, and ensuring company wide adherence to policy. These systems included company administration, practice management, debtor’s management, and tax compliance systems.

Annie is the mother of two, Ashleigh and Nicholas, both well into their adult years (and her absolute pride and joy) and has been married to Dominic (a tragic Wests Tigers supporter and ex Western Suburbs magpie rugby league player) for over 30 years. On the weekends you will find Annie going on walks, drinking lots of coffee and socialising with friends.

Annie looks forward to partnering with you and your business.

Krianne Doherty.

Trusted Advisor

Krianne is a qualified Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting and Marketing. She is a Xero certified advisor in both Accounting and Payroll, which she willingly shares her knowledge of Xero to help her clients feel comfortable using Xero.

Krianne started her working career in Liquidation, although she soon moved to Business Services where is has continued to work for the past 5 years.
Throughout her time in Business Services, she has had opportunity to expand her skillset in areas such as FBT, business management, payroll and even performed the role of a virtual CFO, providing further guidance and clarity to the companies that she advises to.

With these skills in her toolbox, Krianne’s focus, with any interaction that she has, is to provide outstanding customer service. This is the primary driver in her day to day working life and her approach to making decisions, understanding businesses, and understanding the people within those businesses is what separates her from the rest.


Krianne is a Deputy Captain at her local Rural Fire Brigade where she has volunteered for the past 11 years. She is heavily involved in the training and management of the brigade, so it often occupies her weekends. When she isn’t volunteering, she enjoys spending time fishing and will happily discuss her legendary catch.

Krianne looks forward to partnering with you and your business.

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