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What is it like to be part of the ProYou Team? Are you ProYou material?

ProYou is a Business Advisory firm that provides accounting, taxation, audit services and advice to a wide range of clients.

We don’t have airy fairy vision and mission statements like other businesses. We have six principles that form the basis for every decision we make or growth opportunity we undertake.

ProYou Principles.

  • Our People – Once you are a ProYou Person you are always a ProYou person. “Our people” include our team members (hopefully you!), our clients and our ProYou partners.
  • Walk through Walls – You must be prepared to walk through walls and do whatever it takes to get a result for all of “Our people”
  • Open and Transparent – Everything is open and transparent at ProYou including our own financial accounts. Our people know exactly how our business is going every single day.
  • No Laggards – Don’t like new technology or trying new ways of doing things, ProYou is not the place for you.
  • Get it done well – Take your time to improve things, make things more productive for “Our People”. Get the job done, but more importantly get the job done well!
  • Own it – Have a go, we want you to try new things, mistakes are welcome if you learn from them. Think entrepreneurially in everything you do.

These principles are not just posters on a wall, we have taken some painful, costly decisions to enforce these Principles. ProYou people know we are serious about enforcing the principles because we have programs in place to make sure they are.

ProYou People Program

Once you reach probation you will be accepted into many of the benefits the ProYou People Program offers.

Our program offers a range of exclusive benefits including Entrepreneurial Bonus, ProYou Future Fund, Work Life Balance and Priority Program just to name a few.

Browse the full list below.

Capping System

Each ProYou person is given a ProYou cap with a unique number assigned to it. This will be your number and your number alone for life. Once a ProYou person always a ProYou person. As a ProYou Person you have the full support of the whole ProYou network in everything you do.

Entrepreneurial Bonus

In addition to your wages you are eligible to receive an entrepreneurial bonus for any new client brought into the firm or ANY new service that has previously never been offered to an existing client. Essentially, help clients with things that make their businesses better and get rewarded.

Bonus Pool

Lots of businesses offer bonus schemes as an incentive that are easily manipulated because you don’t know what’s actually happening in the business. Our open book policy ensures that this doesn’t happen because you know exactly how much money is going towards your bonus pool. We offer 15% of our net adjusted cash profits to our team members as a pool to all team members that contribute to that profit in equal share. If you are an operations and admin person you get it too! At ProYou we recognise everybody’s contribution to the team.

ProYou Future Fund

Team members have the option to invest their bonus pool in the ProYou Future Fund which is open to all ProYou people. This investment fund encourages entrepreneurial thinking by pooling funds to invest in a variety of ways. This fund is run by ProYou team members and partners for the benefit of all ProYou people. To date the future fund has invested in ProYou Network Partners that were crucial to the establishment and success of ProYou, it has also invested money in clients to help them get the funding to commence their business and is currently accumulating funds to purchase the ‘ProYou Beach House’ for the use and enjoyment of Our People.

Work Life Balance

To support our get it done well principle we encourage a healthy work life balance. Want to spend your birthday with your family, no worries take a ProYou day, or had too good a time at the End of year party, take the next day off.

We have flexible working arrangements that cater to our teams’ individual situations, there is no rigid work from home policy and our trust in our team extends to not requiring them to justify what they have done for every minute of every day. Yes, we have shelved timesheets for good! To support our no laggard’s principle, we have invested in our own “in house” scheduling tool to assist in our getting it done well principle.

ProYou also has a dress for your day policy, if you are just working in the office for the day with no clients, come in comfortable, suitable clothes.

Future You

Self Investment leave – Generous study and exam leave.

Reimbursement of enrollment fees on successful completion of modules.

Mentorships- ProYou have CA’s CPA’s and IPA’s employed to help mentor you through your studies.

ProYou Priority Program

This program offers select team members a shot at a slither of equity in the business, but you will have to make it through the People Program to find out the details of this one.

ProYou Proprietor Program

This program offers select team members an opportunity to become full equity partners in the business with no need to fund a buy – in with your own money! Become a ProYou person today to find out more details on this program.

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